Monday, November 20, 2006

Super ninnies

It seems that the Nannying State is about to turn into the Supernannying State, with further impositions on parents of errant children. And why? Because the Supernanny TV show was so popular.
Now I ain't no Claire Rayner, but surely the cycle of bad parenting/bad kids doesn't spring out of nowhere and this approach seems to exacerbate rather than solve the problem. At the very least it creates an even more 'us and them' approach to social behaviour. And this at a time when councils are considering sending 'problem' children to boarding schools to lessen the cost (and liability) of looking after them. And when an Ofsted report in council provision for children's care was lacking.
Let's face it, we're failing and rather than banging on about the cost to the tax paying we should change the focus to the cost to society. By excluding the socially excluded you aren't going to somehow come full circle and include them again.
These are problems that need fixing, not a reality TV placebo.

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