Friday, April 20, 2007

An article in the Guardian this week suggested that as we have now started growing crops to feed our cars as well as our stomachs, we're definitely going to have to start to rely more on GM crops, just to get bigger yields we're going to need. In reply, a spokesman from the Soil Association suggested that rather than grow more GM crops, perhaps we could all eat a little less meat.

Long silence...

How often do you hear anyone in a position of authority suggest that we might get by with less of anything? It's funny but it made me realise how alien that concept actually is to most of us in the West, and I'm in there with everyone else. Yet to make a difference environmentally, sometimes, I think it's obvious we're going to have to do with less (or sometimes without). I salute Mr Soil Association man in sticking his neck out and saying the un-PC unsayable. Has anyone else got any examples of authority figures saying similar things? Is it really so rare?

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armchairactivist said...

I have often wondered why we have to keep on consuming more of everything. We are rapidly depleting and degrading the Earth's resources and I seriously doubt whether there truly is such a thing as "sustainable" development - we are currently a long way from that goal at present. Is there no other viable model for our society than one based on economic growth?