Saturday, June 02, 2007

The world can't wait for the G8

In the same vein as the last post - reminding all that this week is the week of 2007 G8. It's time for everyone to think about what has changed since we all committed to make poverty history 2 years ago. The big nations are committing a couple of days to talking. Can we do better?

My main interest is trade justice rather than climate change, but basically, I'm sure everyone has some feeling that things ain't right in the world and that each of us could and should be doing SOMETHING to try and improve the situation.

This week my projectjam blog (access via is going to focus on G8 and it's impact throughout the world. Check it out. And take the challenge in accordance with Che's statement that "words that do not match deeds are unimportant" and see what you can DO yes, really do to try and make some form of a difference. It would be nice if folks would post up things they do on compost heap maybe? Strength in unity. We may all have different focuses and different ways of activism, but surely we can share and learn.

I recommend the following couple of sites if you want to find a place to start to learn more about G8 matters:
G8 official site

Good activism folks... let's stir that compost!

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