Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Global Demonstration on Climate Change

Saturday December 8th 2007

On December 8th, the Saturday midway through the all-important UN climate Talks in Bali, there will be demonstrations all around the world calling for urgent action on climate from world leaders.

On the Global Day of Action at the time of the Nairobi Talks on November 4th last year, there were events in over 30 countries - with 90,000 around Australia, 25,000+ at the I-count Rally in Trafalgar square, London and thousands in France, Kenya, Bolivia etc... This year we are looking forward to more and bigger demonstrations around the world. See

The London demo on December 8th assembles at 12 noon, at Millbank (Westminster tube). We will demand an effective Climate Bill from the UK government and that the US accept binding targets in a fit-for–purpose international climate treaty, to succeed Kyoto. Speakers will include Ming Campbell MP, Michael Meacher MP, Caroline Lucas MEP, Zac Goldsmith and George Monbiot. See

Come along and join people all around the world to demand that world leaders act now to prevent the catastrophe that threatens to engulf us all !

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