Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Niki Clarke - Press Officer, Ecocentric

How old are you?

What’s your occupation and who do you work for?
Press Office for EcoCentric. They sell eco gifts and homewares for the stylish & eco-conscious consumer.

How long have been doing this?
For about a year

What is it about your job that makes it ethical?
Everything at EcoCentric is eco in some way (as the name suggests) whether it be made from recycled glass, be an organic cushion or fair trade bed linen…

What’s the best bit about your job?
I love getting excited about new eco-chic products out there that will encourage people to go green. It has taken a while for consumers to see that eco is stylish too. Then my job is to tell people about it and get them excited too…

What’s the worst thing?
As it is a small company we all take our turn at the mundane jobs too…

What have the last 12 months been like for you?
A learning curve. My training and previous jobs have been in fashion, so I am getting used to the interiors angle of things. I also love being part of a small company as you get to see the inner cogs whirring.

What were you doing before this?
I was part time for People Tree in PR, and part time web assistant for a charity called Latin Link

What was your very first full-time job?
This one! I had always been a bits-and-pieces kinda gal. I like variety…though it does often lead to working more than full time!

What advice would you give to someone wishing to embark on the same sort of work as you?
Volunteer to get experience (but not for too long!), and do what you love.

Have you got any plans for the next 12 months you’d like to share with us?
I’ll keep them under my hat for now…

What do you do to relax?
I cycle to and from work as buses can make me get agitated and crazy! I also love knitting

Who do you live with?
My hubby Andy – photographer extraordinaire.

Whereabouts do you live?
Peckham. An amazing and buzzing community.

If you were Prime Minister, what’s the very first thing you would do?
Make people share.

As cheap and easily available oil is expect to run out in the next couple of decades, what do you think will be the predominant form of transport in 2027?
Can’t really see people giving up their cars. But technology is moving fast and manufacturers seem committed to finding a way… Why exactly did Dr Beeching shut all the railways?

Have you got any guilty carbon secrets?
I take long showers…does that count?

What have you done that you were most proud of?
My gap year in Bolivia, working with women who were in prison because of debt. A small set-up helped them to knit & sew their way to independence for them and their kids.

What single issue are you most concerned about in the world at large?

Which person in the public eye do you most admire and why?
Anita Roddick may be a bit of a cliché, but she really had it all, and I have been following her for years. I would love to be able to achieve and make a difference even a fraction of what she has. ‘Business as unusual’ is the way to go!

What’s your website address?

What are your three favourite other websites of the moment?
www.businesslink.gov.uk – if you can’t find the job you want, make it!
www.peopletree.co.uk – I always ask for vouchers for Christmas and my birthday and stockpile for the new season!
www.facebook.com – great for networking…but possibly a bit too addictive!

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