Thursday, May 31, 2007

Free recruitment advertising for Women's Jobs

Ethical Jobs is now offering all employers wishing to recruit women for positions that are exempt under section 7 of the Sex Discrimination Act unlimited free recruitment advertising.

This isn't a promotion, its a full time, long-term policy.

All over Britain there are small and often poorly funded charities, usually working in extremely distressing sectors like domestic abuse, staffed by a handful of dedicated women who quite frankly struggle to pay some of the large costs associated with recruitment.

For example, a job ad in the Guardian will normally cost between £1500 and £2500 (although the tiniest ones come in at around £650.)

Although Ethical Jobs is already an economic recruitment solution costing only £75 for an ad with unlimited text, we believe that there are some people who should NEVER pay, and that includes Women's organisations where the position is exempt under the SDA.

We have approached various media outlets to try and help us get this message out, even Third Sector magazine, but so far they have all said words to the effect of "sod off if you think we're going to help you give away something for nothing. We don't care who they are or how valuable their work is, we sell job ads and we want their money regardless."

So if you know of any organisation that could benefit from this free advertising, please let them know!

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