Monday, May 14, 2007

(Un)ethical Blagger or well meaning, kind hearted bloke?

With , , and various other web projects on the go, it would come as no suprise that I get the odd "Sponsor me" email. This morning's one though takes the biscuit for its pure cheek.

"Help us raise money for XYZ charity" is quite a common theme on the internet, and in life generally, and properly so, but this morning I got an email from a gentleman called Julian Jones in the Isle of Wight saying that he wants to raise a million euros in 90 days for his Fairtrade & "Enviromental" project.

So far so n
ormal you say, even if he can't spell "Environmental" he might still know what it means. That's what I thought too, until I read on and got to this bit... "I need your help to get as many sponsors as possible to advertise their business website which will help me raise funds. Half will go to Charities working in Developing Fairtrade Countries, the remaining will be used to create & build a new innovative enviromental store here in the UK."

Uh oh. No named charities? Half a million euros for his shop? That can't be right. Can it? So I read on...
“I want to open another store that includes all the latest energy-saving techniques. I will need to spend a lot of money to develop this idea, hence this idea of generating revenue of one million euros.”

He is using the million pixel idea and would have me believe that he has already raised 50,000 euros through the sale of pixels on his site, by selling advertising to WaterAid and the Fairtrade Foundation amongst others who would then benefit by him giving them half of it back and keeping half of it for himself for his shop, (assuming that they are amongst the un-named "Charities in the Third World" who will be getting some.)

What do you think readers? Am I just a cynical old goat slagging off a well meaning bloke? Or are the blaggers are well and truly in the "Enviroment" using our natural inclination to assist others less fortunate to line their own pockets?

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