Thursday, November 22, 2007

Virginia Rowe - Style Will Save Us

How old are you?
Ah, now that would be telling!

What’s your occupation and who do you work for?
I founded and edit – the hipsters guide to a peachy green lifestyle.

How long have been doing this?
Since Summer ’06.

What’s the best bit about your job?
Oooh, there’s lots! Finding new writers, discovering cool new products, designers and places to write about, doing little bits and bobs for TV on eco style….

What’s the worst thing?
Being inseparable from my laptop, it’s my ball and chain!

What is it about your job that makes it ethical? is only published online (no paper, we’re saving trees!) and we are totally, 100% focused on only ever promoting and writing about super-stylish ethical, green and vintage stuff!

As cheap and easily available oil is expected to run out in the next couple of decades, what do you think will be the predominant form of transport in 2027?
Mmmm, I’m hoping for solar-powered wings.

What have the last 12 months been like for you?
A roller coaster.

What were you doing before?
I worked at a style agency, representing fashion stylists and producing photo shoots for magazines and advertising. And before that, I was an accessories designer…

What was your very first full-time job?
I worked for a very portentous fashion photographers’ agency! They thought they were utterly fabulous, dahhhhling!

Have you got any plans for the next 12 months you’d like to share with us?
Nope. Well, there might be a new addition to the site, but it’s still being worked on and I’m so bored of telling people about it as it was supposed to be ready 8 months ago!!! So, I’ll stick with nope!

What do you do to relax?
As many massages as my bank account can withstand, kickboxing, dancing and I’m actually a bit of a film buff too.

Who do you live with?
My lovely husband.

Whereabouts do you live?

If you were Prime Minister, what’s the very first thing you do?

Have you got any guilty carbon secrets?
Guilty secrets? Nooooooo! I’m pretty green and serene! I don’t believe in feeling guilty for not being perfect though!

What have you done that you were most proud of?
Set up and garnered thousands of lovely, loyal fans around the globe.

What are you most concerned about in the world at large?
That the world won’t be a safe place for my kids, when I have them, that is.

Which person in the public eye do you most admire and why?
Not one living person! They’re all toe-rags. I’d like to do a bit of mix and match with different people, maybe… create my own public idol.

What advice would you give to someone wishing to embark on the same sort of work as you?
Do it with a business partner – it’s good to share the burden. Something I wish I had. But then I’m such a control freak the partnership wouldn’t last 5 minutes. They’d have to be an angel.

What’s your website address?

What are your three favourite other websites? for the coolest, sweat-shop free tshirty fashion, with the most sex-on-legs photo shoots! I always get a bunch of my Christmas presents form ethical gift site and last year we bought an acre of rainforest on – you can even choose which bit to go for – everyone should own one!

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